A & R Automotive is one of the leading providers of auto repair for both domestic and foreign vehicles in the San Diego area. We are also one of the most cost effective options you will find when conducting your search for both the most professional and affordable auto care providers in the state.

When determining who to turn to when it comes to all types of auto repair jobs, you will want to ensure you are only dealing with those providers that have years of proven experience and that have the training, knowledge, and skills to complete your repairs effectively.

Not all auto repair shops are the same. Many of them promise quick, professional, and cost effective services, but actually lack the experience needed to successfully complete even the simplest of auto repair tasks. Many such businesses don't even have proper certification.

That is why you should only trust those auto care providers like, A & R Automotive that go out of their way to ensure that each and every customer they work with is completely satisfied with the work they receive. A & R Automotive goes far and beyond the call of duty to ensure they are able to provide each of their clients with the attention and detail they require in order to successfully complete their auto repairs with perfection in limited time.

They have years of training and the experience necessary to determine what type of repairs you need and to complete them in a timely fashion with 100% effectiveness.

Additionally, A & R Automotive works hand-in-hand with their clients when it comes to providing them with the best work at the lowest price possible. They understand that their clients are generally working with limited budgets, therefore they go out of their way to ensure they are offering their professional services at a price that simply can't be beat.

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Owning a vehicle is a responsibility. It is important to take good care of it so that it will run properly. There will be times when your vehicle will need some work on it, and we are here to do just that. We are A & R Automotive, and we have been in business for 5 years in San Diego, CA. If you are in need of services for your vehicle, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

At A & R Automotive, We Provide Excellent Service

We take pride in the service that we provide our customers. The job is done correctly and in a reasonable time period. Our professionally, trained staff members have the ability to complete their duties in a remarkable way.

A & R Automotive Is Reasonably Priced

We provide a service to our customers at reasonable prices. We want you to be pleased with the work that we do. A price will be quoted to you before we complete the job so you can make sure that it is what you want done.

Customer Service Is Important At A & R Automotive

At A & R Automotive, we like to make sure that our customers are satisfied. If you have any questions, at all, please feel free to ask them. We will give you the answers that you need, and assist you in any way that we can.
We, at A & R Automotive are here to help you when you need to have your car looked at. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will get the work done that is needed. You will be pleased with the quality of work that we do, and we want you to recommend us to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors when they need work completed on their automobiles.